Tobacco News- March 6, 2014

Proposal to exempt electronic cigarettes from Wisconsin indoor smoking ban draws opposition

“Even as the nation’s second-largest city is moving to ban electronic cigarettes where tobacco smoking is prohibited, Wisconsin lawmakers are considering doing just the opposite.” More…

New E-Cigarette Fact Sheet

Americans for Non-Smokers Rights recently released a new fact sheet called Electronic Cigarettes and Secondhand Aerosol.  This sheet is about the known science and concerns about the aerosol emitted by e-cigarettes. The document highlights how these products do not just emit “harmless water vapor” and they’re a new source of pollution and toxins being emitted into the environment. The term aerosol is more accurate than vapor, which is an industry-coined term that misleadingly implies that e-cigarette emissions are just water, similar to how the industry has used “ambient smoke” to describe secondhand smoke.  Read report (PDF).

CDC Vital Signs: Adult Smoking; Focusing on People with Mental Illness

The CDC has released an informational issue of Vital Signs that focuses on the links between mental illness and adult smoking.  Read this Vital Signs issue (PDF).

18 Percent of American Adults Have Mental Illness: Government Report

“A new government report finds 42.5 million American adults, or 18.2 percent of the adult population, suffers from some form of mental illness.” More…

What’s New With the Wisconsin Tobacco Quite Line Webinar

A free webinar, “What’s New With the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line”, is available for viewing online. Click here to watch it.