Tobacco News- May 22, 2014

AOD Partnership Meeting June 3rd – Up In… Smoke??

“There’s a new trend that is capturing the attention of young people across the country. E-cigarettes, hookah pens, and other vaping devices are being billed as a ‘safer’ smoke and cessation tool. These devices are now being linked to illicit drugs and heavily promoted to youth. Attend to learn more about these products and recent steps taken to regulate them.” View Flyer (.pdf)

E-Cigarettes Don’t Have a Big Impact on Smoking Quit Rates, Study Concludes

“E-cigarette use is not leading many people who smoke regular cigarettes to quit, a new study concludes.” More…

FDA to Extend its Authority on Tobacco Products: Take Action Today

“FDA has just issued a proposed rule – commonly referred to as “deeming” – that would extend the agency’s tobacco product authorities to cover additional products that meet the statutory definition of a tobacco product.” More…