Other Tobacco Products

Other Tobacco Products, or OTPs, include products that contain tobacco but are not cigarettes. OTPs include chewing/spit tobacco, cigars, cigarillos, dissolvables, etc. These products are often marketed as a safer and/or cheaper alternative to smoking, but OTPs can cause cancer, heart disease, and other health issues.

OTPs often have colorful packaging, sweet flavors, and cheaper price points. OTPs are becoming popular among our youth for the following reasons:

  • Sweet, candy, and fruit flavors that appeal to youth.
  • Placing OTP displays at the point of purchase and on the sales floor next to candy, mint, or gum.
  • OTPs are cheaper than cigarettes, making them more accessible to youth.


Fact Sheets

Strawberry flavored bluntsBlunts Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Dissolvable strips and sticksDissolvables Fact Sheet (.pdf)
Little cigars and cigarillosLittle Cigars Fact Sheet (.pdf) Snus smokeless tobaccoSnus Fact Sheet (.pdf)